Application prospect of bio organic fertilizer


The sharp decline of fertilizer returns shows that with the long-term use of fertilizer, the basic soil capacity is gradually weakening, and the weakening of the basic soil capacity has become an important limiting factor affecting the sustainable development of agriculture and the high and stable yield of crops in China.
With the gradual improvement of people's awareness of environmental problems and soil recycling, the traditional fertilizer can no longer meet the needs of agricultural development. In order to achieve the sustainable development of agricultural products, it is imperative to develop high-efficiency environmental protection fertilizer.
Application prospect of bio organic fertilizer
Biofertilizer project is the inevitable choice of agricultural sustainable development
Based on the current situation of agriculture, it has become a hot spot of agricultural research at home and abroad to actively seek for efficient and environmental protection of chemical fertilizer substitutes, and actively explore the way of agricultural waste resource utilization.
In this context, bio organic fertilizer, with its unique advantages, has built a bridge for the growth of agricultural wastes and crops, and opened up a sustainable development path with the circulation mode of "agricultural wastes bio organic fertilizer crops".

First of all, the application of bio organic fertilizer is an important way to improve the basic soil fertility and the quality of agricultural products.
The original intention of the development and production of bio organic fertilizer is to integrate the advantages of organic fertilizer and bio fertilizer, which not only helps to improve the crop yield, but also can fertilize the soil, regulate the micro ecological balance of the soil, reduce the amount of inorganic fertilizer, and fundamentally improve the quality of agricultural products, which is in line with the direction of China's sustainable agricultural development and green agricultural production.
Application prospect of bio organic fertilizer
Secondly, the production of bio organic fertilizer by organic fertilizer machine is an important means of agricultural waste resource utilization.
Agricultural waste contains rich nutrient elements and organic nutrients necessary for crop growth, which are made into bio organic fertilizer by resource utilization. Through the role of microorganisms, the mineral, humic and harmless organics are made to be absorbed and utilized by crops, which can not only relieve the pressure of agricultural waste on the environment, but also turn waste into treasure and obtain certain economic benefits.
To sum up, bio organic fertilizer, as an efficient, pollution-free and environmental protection product, is an inevitable choice for the sustainable development of agriculture.
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