Production line of bio organic fertilizer with disc granulation


Ⅰ. function of bio organic fertilizer
The function of bio organic fertilizer is a kind of comprehensive function, which is mainly related to the source and effectiveness of nutrient elements, or to the absorption of nutrition, water and disease resistance of crops. In general, the functions of bio organic fertilizer are as follows:
1. To enhance the resistance and drought resistance of plants, microbial fertilizer can inhibit or reduce the propagation opportunities of pathogenic microorganisms due to the large-scale growth and propagation at the roots of crops; to resist the role of original microorganisms and reduce the diseases of crops; to grow a large number of microorganisms, mycelium can increase the water absorption and improve the drought resistance of crops.
2. To make and assist crops to absorb the nitrogen in the air by infecting the roots of legumes with rhizobia. Microorganisms can produce a large number of plant growth hormones in reproduction, stimulate and regulate the growth of crops, make plants grow healthily, and promote the absorption of nutrients.
Production line of bio organic fertilizer with disc granulation
3. To improve soil fertility, the application of nitrogen fixing microbial fertilizer can increase the source of nitrogen in the soil; the release of phosphorus and potassium microbial fertilizer can decompose the insoluble phosphorus and potassium in the soil, transform them into the phosphorus and potassium compounds that can be absorbed and utilized by crops, and improve the nutrition conditions of crops.
4. Reducing the use of chemical fertilizer and improving the quality of crops using microbial fertilizer can improve the quality of agricultural products, such as the content of protein, sugar, vitamin, etc., and some can reduce the accumulation of nitrate. In some cases, the improvement of quality is more beneficial than the increase of output.
Ⅱ. Overview
The biofertilizer project is our company's production line of granular organic fertilizer with high content of dry chicken manure, humic acid and waste with high content of organic matter, containing various trace elements, which aims at using high-efficiency fertilizer and chemical pesticide, resulting in the severe situation of continuous decrease of organic matter content in soil, hardening of soil, low yield of crops, inferior quality, etc 。
The biofertilizer project has short construction period, high return on investment, small risk and short payback period. Generally, the investment is recovered in one year and the profit is generated in that year.
Production line of bio organic fertilizer with disc granulation
Ⅲ. process flow
Process flow: raw material selection (animal manure, etc.) - > drying and sterilization - > ingredient mixing - > granulation - > cold screening - > metering and sealing - > warehousing of finished products.
Ⅳ. structure
The organic fertilizer machine is mainly composed of fermentation system, drying system, deodorization and dust removal system, crushing system, batching system, mixing system, granulation system and finished product packaging system; the fermentation system includes: feed conveyor, biological deodorization machine, mixer, proprietary windrow turner, oxygen supply system and automatic control system.
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