Application range of disc organic fertilizer granulator


It is well known that organic fertilizer occupies an important position in organic agriculture, but the development of organic fertilizer is also a slow process. Containing any chemical ingredients, then the organic fertilizer granulator machine comes in handy. Many people do not understand the purpose and characteristics of the disc fertilizer granulator. In fact, the disc granulator is used to granulate various organic matter after fermentation, breaking through the conventional organic matter granulation process. There is no need to dry and crush the raw materials before granulation, and the spherical particles can be processed directly by the ingredients, which can save a lot of energy.
organic fertilizer granulator machine
The disc granulator uses the cohesive force of the material itself to rotate in an inclined disc to make the material stick together little by little, so that the material becomes granules. This granulation method is relatively simple. This kind of granulation method requires material moisture at 50-60%, and we consume a lot of drying for all this. The requirements for materials are relatively high, and some materials with poor adhesion are not easy to be made into pellets.

The disc granulator is an ideal choice for organic fertilizer plants, feed plants, farms and livestock plants, sewage treatment plants, towns, towns, villages, and farmers to start businesses. The fertilizer granulator has the advantages of beautiful appearance, simple operation, low energy consumption, long life, high granulation rate, strong granule roundness, intuitive operation and convenient maintenance.

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