The purpose of compound fertilizer granulation by NPK fertilizer granulator


The first is NPK fertilizer granulator to produce compound fertilizer, so that the gas-liquid raw materials are absorbed and solidified, so that large particles and large pieces of solid raw materials are broken into fine powder, which is wrapped to form high-density particles with good fluidity, so as to prevent the powder from bridging and hardening due to moisture absorption, mutual electrostatic attraction, large contact area and other reasons, and also avoid the difficulty of gas-liquid raw materials storage and subcontracting, which is convenient for weighing , packaging and use.
NPK fertilizer granulator
Second: NPK fertilizer granulator makes the fertilizer form particles of appropriate size, which is conducive to the exertion of fertilizer efficiency. It avoids the disadvantages of bulk raw materials not easy to decompose, slow fertilizer efficiency, powder fertilizer easy to float and disperse, too fast decomposition and loss of fertilizer efficiency, and waste. At the same time, it also avoids the disadvantages of volatile gas-liquid raw fertilizer, easy to cause personnel poisoning and environmental pollution.

The granulation rate of npk fertilizer granulator is a combination of the amount of returned material and the particle size distribution of the returned material, the amount of liquid phase, the granulation temperature, the granulation time and other factors. The liquid phase content and temperature of the material from the granulator during operation also have a great influence on the granulation. If the liquid phase is not enough, the material will not bond into granules. If the liquid phase is too large, it will easily produce large particles, and the viscosity of viscous materials It has a lot to do with temperature. Generally, the higher the temperature, the greater the viscosity. When the temperature of the crystalline material is higher, the water is easy to volatile and easy to crystallize.
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