Equipment of organic fertilizer production line for chicken manure processing


The equipment of chicken manure processing organic fertilizer production line includes fermentation compost turning machine, semi wet material grinder, double shaft horizontal mixer, fertilizer granulator, dryer, cooler, screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine, belt conveyor, etc.

The production of powdered organic fertilizer needs to be fermented first. After fermentation, the semi wet material grinder is used to crush into powder. The crushed chicken manure organic fertilizer is transported to the screening equipment through the belt conveyor. The powdered organic fertilizer that meets the predetermined standard flows into the packaging machine and is packaged into bags. The incompletely crushed materials are transported to the crusher for secondary crushing through the belt conveyor, so as to realize continuous production.
Equipment of organic fertilizer production line for chicken manure processing
Granular organic fertilizer is granulated on the basis of powdered organic fertilizer. After granulation, drying and cooling equipment are used to reduce water content and increase particle strength, which is convenient for packaging, storage and transportation.
It is convenient to use organic fertilizer as granules, and its weight is suitable, so it is not easy to be blown away by strong wind; some inorganic components can be added during the production, which can improve the fertilizer efficiency, and the granular form is not suitable for damp and caking; when the organic fertilizer production equipment is in production, the fertilizer moisture is difficult to be removed, and it needs to be dried. Some fertilizer granulators will produce high heat in the production process, so only need to Cooling is enough.

Chicken manure processing organic fertilizer is a relatively good investment project. Because of the trouble in processing wet chicken manure, no one will buy it in most cases. We can obtain considerable profits by simply processing it with corresponding equipment. Therefore, more and more people choose this industry. 
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