What is the method of making organic fertilizer?


We all know about organic fertilizer. What is the method of making organic fertilizer? Today, Zhengzhou Tianci heavy industry will take you to learn more about it, so that you can really understand what organic fertilizer is and how to make it.

First of all, raw materials: there are many raw materials for organic fertilizer production line, the most common ones are animal manure, plant residues, animal residues, urban kitchen waste, urban sludge, etc. What do they have in common? They are rich in organic matter, and organic matter is simply understood as a natural and ecological beneficial material.

After understanding the raw materials, we can start to talk about how these raw materials can be made into organic fertilizer. The most important indicator of organic fertilizer production is the carbon nitrogen ratio. Any organic fertilizer raw material contains carbon and nitrogen elements. No matter what the raw material is, the final carbon nitrogen ratio after mixing should reach (25-30): 1. If the carbon nitrogen ratio is too high or too low, it will be As a result, the raw materials can not be fermented without heating up. Secondly, the moisture content of raw materials should reach about 60%. In the process, it is necessary to make the raw materials contact with the air and fully receive oxygen to speed up the fermentation. For example, in order to achieve a proper C / N ratio, 20-30% plant residues, such as wheat straw and corn straw, should be added when chicken manure ferments organic fertilizer.

In short, organic fertilizer has been produced after the fermentation, so large-scale organic fertilizer processing plant needs a series of organic fertilizer production line equipment to complete the whole production process of organic fertilizer, mainly including: fermentation compost windrow turner, fertilizer crusher, mixer, fertilizer granulator, dryer, cooler, coating machine, packaging machine. 
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