Construction of pig manure organic fertilizer production line


Pig manure organic fertilizer particle production line equipment: pig manure dehydrator, fermentation windrow turner, semi wet material grinder, horizontal mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler, roller screen machine, coating machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, etc

The production of organic fertilizer by pig manure fermentation needs good (consumption) oxygen fermentation. Therefore, in the process of operation, oxygen supply measures should be increased to make sure that it is well mixed, turned over frequently and aerated. Otherwise, it will cause anaerobic fermentation and produce odor, which will affect the effect of fertilizer. Generally, 48 hours after the pig manure is piled up, the temperature rises to 50-60 ℃, and on the third day, it can reach above 65 ℃. In this high temperature, the pig manure can be turned over once by the fermentation windrow turner. Generally, there will be two times of high temperature above 65 ℃ in the fermentation process. Turning over twice can complete the fermentation, and the fermentation can be completed in a normal week or so. The material was dark brown, and the temperature began to drop to normal temperature, indicating that the fermentation was completed.
Construction of pig manure organic fertilizer production line

Construction of pig manure organic fertilizer production line

Staffing: On the premise that the output of 10,000 tons is completed, about 8 production workers are required, including 1 production technician, 1 laboratory tester, and management and marketing according to actual conditions.

Fermentation workshop: one in the fermentation workshop: area is 60㎡ × 6 = 360 ㎡

Plant requirements: The conditions of the fermentation workshop can be sheltered from the wind and rain, and no other conditions are required, and the height can be 2.5m;

Raw material site: depending on the situation, generally between 80 square meters and 120 square meters;

Processing workshop: processing granular organic fertilizer, with a processing area of ​​about 200 ㎡;

Treasury: According to the actual situation, a warehouse with a floor area of ​​more than 300 square meters should be built. According to the requirements mentioned above and the requirements of laboratories, logistics, offices, dormitories and other conditions, a bio-organic fertilizer production plant with an annual output of 10,000 tons has a reasonable area of ​​5 to 8 acres.
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