What do I need to determine when ibuying organic fertilizer production equipment?


What do I need to determine when ibuying organic fertilizer production equipment? 
1. Need to determine the yield of organic fertilizer production equipment? 
For example, how many tons per year, or how many tons produced an hour, in order to determine the price. 
2. Need to determine the shape of the particles? 
It is powdered, column-shaped, flat-ball, or standard garden. Generally commonly used fertilizer granulator machine are: disc granulation machine, drum granulation machine, wet granulation machine, roller extrusion granulation machine, flat mold granulation machine, ring membrane granulation machine. The selection of the granulator is determined according to the local fertilizer market. The particle shape is different, the process of organic fertilizer production equipment is different, and the price of organic fertilizer production equipment is different. 
 determine when ibuying organic fertilizer production equipment
3. Need to determine the configuration of organic fertilizer production equipment?
Configuration of different high and low, organic fertilizer production equipment prices are different, with artificial how much is not the same, organic fertilizer production equipment stable yield is not the same: the general configuration of high to increase some, automatic dosing device, automatic packaging device, automatic quantitative feeding device, cyclone dust and ink removal. 
4. Need to determine the type of fertilizer produced? 
Is compound fertilizer organic fertilizer production equipment or organic fertilizer production equipment, the same yield, organic fertilizer production equipment generally take into account high moisture, bacteria not resistant to high temperature, models are generally larger than compound fertilizer models. General organic fertilizer types are divided into 4 kinds, pure organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer, compound microbial fertilizer, different varieties of organic fertilizer equipment is also small differences. 
5. Need to ferment the selection of the organic compost machine
General forms of fermentation are, stacking fermentation, shallow fermentation, deep tank fermentation, tower fermentation, rotary tube fermentation, fermentation in different ways, fermentation organic fertilizer equipment is not the same. General selection of shallow chute dumper is most suitable for aerobic fermentation principle (the benefits of shallow tank dumper: the most in line with the principle of aerobic fermentation, not easy to form anaerobic, fermentation full and complete, fermentation speed). 
6. Need to determine the level of environmental protection requirements? 
Low environmental protection requirements in the general choice of heavy dust can be, organic fertilizer equipment investment is less;
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