Development of disc organic fertilizer granulator machine and sustainable development of Agriculture


Traditional fertilization methods such as manure and garbage not only cause certain harm to the environment, but also can not give full play to the effect. However, more and more organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, microbial fertilizer and chemical fertilizer are applied. Disc organic fertilizer granulator machine and other granulating equipment have entered people's life and production.

On the other hand, the disc organic fertilizer granulator can produce organic fertilizer by adding human, livestock, poultry manure and other special processes, which not only has good effect, but also has good effect on the proliferation of microorganisms in the soil. These active factors can adjust the soil structure, improve the quality of fruits and vegetables produced by the planting industry, and improve the soil fertility.

organic fertilizer granulator machine
In particular, due to the long-term use of chemical fertilizer, the number of microorganisms in the soil is reduced, and the soil is hardened due to the accumulation of salt. In view of these soil conditions, the application of organic fertilizer made from human, livestock and poultry manure can completely improve the soil quality. Of course, these organic fertilizers need to be processed by hammer crusher, screw conveyor, disc granulator, extrusion granulator and other organic fertilizer equipment.

However, the organic fertilizer produced without organic fertilizer production line treatment or simply by traditional single treatment method will damage the germination and rooting of crop seeds due to hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases. It can not decompose the harmful substances in feces, and can not fully activate the harmful components accumulated by chemical fertilizer when applied to soil, thus greatly reducing the efficiency of organic fertilizer, Moreover, it will emit a foul smell and pollute the environment.
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