Great development of bio organic fertilizer


The problem of soil deterioration is very serious. It is impossible to let the soil recuperate through fallow. The amount of chemical fertilizer is too large, the proportion of organic fertilizer is very low, and the soil is lack of carbon. Biological fertilizer can effectively use the nutrient elements in the soil, improve the yield of crops and reduce the amount of fertilizer application. It is an important way to replace chemical fertilizer with biological organic fertilizer to protect the soil.
Great development of bio organic fertilizer
  • Effect of bio organic fertilizer
  1. 1. Bio organic fertilizer is rich in organic matter and various nutrients. It can not only provide direct nutrients for plants, but also activate potential nutrients in the soil, enhance microbial activity and promote the transformation of nutrients.
  2. 2. Rich organic matter can also improve the physical properties of soil, increase the structure of soil particles, enhance the ability of soil fertilizer conservation and supply, improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, and indirectly provide nutrients for crops.
  3. 3. The bio organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer machine can improve the quality of agricultural products, the color of fruits is bright, the size is neat, mature and concentrated, the sugar content and vitamin content of melon agricultural products are improved, the taste is good, which is conducive to the expansion of exports and the increase of sales price.
  4. 4. Reduce water loss and evaporation, reduce the pressure of drought, conserve fertilizer, reduce chemical fertilizer, reduce the damage of salt and alkali, and improve soil fertility under the condition of reducing the amount of chemical fertilizer or gradually replacing chemical fertilizer, so as to greatly increase the production of food crops, cash crops, vegetables and fruits.
Great development of bio organic fertilizer
Bio organic fertilizer is a new fertilizer product, which plays an active role in optimizing the variety structure of agricultural inputs, improving the soil, improving the fertility and improving the rhizosphere microbial community of crops. We will take the biofertilizer project as an important measure to promote the reduction and efficiency of chemical fertilizer, make full use of radio, television, mobile phone, Internet and other media, increase publicity, guidance and training, let farmers understand the effect of bio organic fertilizer in improving soil, fertility, crop quality, reducing agricultural non-point source pollution, and improve the initiative and enthusiasm of applying bio organic fertilizer sex.
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