Requirements for bio organic fertilizer plants


  • Advantages of bio organic fertilizer production
Fertilization is an important means to ensure high and stable yield of crops in agricultural production. The long-term use of chemical fertilizer, although in a certain period of time and to a certain extent increased the yield of crops, but the harm to the environment and human beings is increasing. Organic agriculture is a market that conforms to the trend of world environmental protection and the demand of consumer market. It is a new agriculture that uses organic fertilizer and biological insecticide instead of chemical fertilizer and chemical insecticide in agricultural production, and implements the land-consuming rotation system, so as to reduce environmental pollution, increase soil fertility and produce healthy food. 
  • Selection of bio organic fertilizer plants
The raw materials for the production of bio organic fertilizer will have a certain smell of putrefaction. In the process of transportation and fermentation, some special smell will be scattered around more or less. Therefore, the site selection of the biofertilizer project should conform to the following principles:
  1. 1. Keep away from residential areas and industrial residential areas, so as to avoid the impact on surrounding residents' lives and greater pollution caused by mixing with industrial emissions;
  2. 2. Get materials close to the origin of raw materials to avoid the situation that the freight is more expensive than raw materials, because organic fertilizer production itself is waste utilization, the price is not very high, the freight is too high, and the products will lose market competitiveness;
  3. 3. The traffic is convenient, close to the expressway or the main road, convenient for transportation, and can't be over or out of the way;
  4. 4. The water supply and power supply are convenient, and there will be no frequent power failure, water outage and other phenomena, which will affect the normal operation.
  • The planning and construction of bio organic fertilizer plants generally have the following characteristics:
  1. 1. The raw material processing area generally includes several areas: raw material stacking area, fermentation workshop, organic fertilizer machine deep processing area and finished product area. These areas should be continuous and not too far apart;
  2. 2. The office is generally the upper air outlet, far away from the fermentation area, avoiding normal work and business contacts;
  3. 3. The entry channel of fermentation raw materials is remote and independent, which is separated from the main channel of the enterprise and the life of employees (odor source);
Requirements for bio organic fertilizer plants
  • Fertilizer equipment configuration of bio organic fertilizer plant
Generally, the production process of bio fertilizer plant is: windrow turner + grinding + mixing + batching + granulation + drying + cooling + screening + coating + packaging. Each process is connected by conveyor. However, due to different processing standards of users, the size and parameters of raw materials are not the same, and the specific equipment configuration will be different.
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