Treatment scheme of organic fertilizer in municipal sludge


Using sludge from sewage plant, drainage pipeline, pond and river bottom as raw materials, combined with fermentation technology to produce organic fertilizer production line with fertilizer effect, not only solves the problem of sludge pollution, but also ensures the growth of crops.
Production process of sludge organic fertilizer:
1. Fermentation composter. When the temperature reaches 65-70 ℃, the machine can be turned over for cooling, ventilation and oxygen supply.
2. Mixed crusher. The horizontal crusher can not only crush the large particles in the raw materials, but also improve the balling rate of the system, so that the materials can be fully mixed again.
3. Material granulation: in small and medium-sized organic fertilizer plants, the rotary drum granulator is generally used for granulation, which can save investment cost, and the granulation rate is also high, which can reach more than 90%. Drum granulator is widely used for granulation of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer. The size of particles depends on the rotating speed of drum granulator. Generally, the larger the rotating speed is, the smaller the particles are, the smaller the rotating speed is, and the larger the particles are.
4. Dryer. If the moisture and strength of the particles are not acceptable, they need to be dried. The roller dryer can make the particles exchange heat with the hot air produced by the hot blast stove, so as to achieve the effect of material drying and strength improvement.
5. Roller cooler. The particles exchange heat with the cold air inhaled into the cylinder and cool to near normal temperature, further improving the particle strength and reducing the water content.
6. Screening machine. All the fine powder and large particles are screened out by the screening machine. The fine powder and large particles are directly returned to the mixer for mixing with the raw materials through the return belt conveyor, and then participate in the fertilizer granulation process. 
Treatment scheme of organic fertilizer in municipal sludge
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