How to choose suitable granulator for organic fertilizer


After purchasing organic fertilizer granulator equipment, many purchasers often feel that they are not ideal granulating equipment in use. Why do they feel this way? The majority of customers pay different attention when purchasing organic fertilizer granulator machine. Some buyers think that the fertilizer granulator machine price does not matter as long as the quality is good. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this practice, but there are some purchasers who the fertilizer granulator machine price have low price and poor quality. The problem lies in this. Poor quality will often cause failure in future use, resulting in low output and efficiency The profit of fertilizer manufacturers will be reduced. Huaqiang small editor reminds the vast number of fertilizer granulator equipment purchase friends, in the purchase of the best quality, price, service and other comprehensive strong company, because quality and service related to life, price related to cost.

How to choose suitable granulator for organic fertilizer
Organic fertilizer production line can be made into: spherical granular, cylindrical, flat spherical. The granulator equipment used varies with the particle shape. Disc granulator, drum granulator, agitator granulator, the materials produced by these three pelletizing methods are spherical; the organic fertilizer produced by the double roller granulator is flat spherical, etc., and there are many kinds of pelletizers for you to choose from.

Many customers are difficult to distinguish what kind of organic fertilizer granulator machine they need; the difference of fertilizer granulator is to choose the appropriate granulation method according to the material requirements.

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