What is the working principle of drum granulator?


In the drum granulator fertilizer production line, after the powder raw materials are added into the drum with a certain slope and slow rotation from the feeding building, the materials once rotate upward under the drive of the internal plate. When they reach a certain height, under the action of gravity and inertia force, the materials fall along the arc-shaped track, making the rolling movement required when the materials are completed granulation. The inner part of the cylinder is sprayed on the rolling material layer by steam or water, so that the fine particle surface adheres and agglomerates with other fine particles. The materials are granulated in the granulation area, and then enter the polishing area through the annular retaining ring. In the polishing area, the particles are aged and polished, and the particles grow up, and then they are cut from the exit of the drum.
What is the working principle of drum granulator?

What is the working principle of drum granulator?
1. The granulation rate is more than 90%, and if the same specification is not completed, it can enter the machine again for secondary processing.
2. The cylinder can be rotated with less power, and the outer part is made of wear-resistant steel, which effectively prolongs the service time of the equipment.
3. Drum npk fertilizer granulator is a kind of special forming machine which can roll materials through chemical reaction. Under the action of certain liquid, using the rolling of the cylinder, the material and small particles are squeezed into a sphere.
4. The machine is supported by the most power-saving supporting wheel bracket, which is made of high-quality carbon steel and can fully bear the weight of the cylinder. Considering the large friction between the cylinder and the supporting wheel, more wear-resistant materials are specially used in this part, on the one hand, the safety of the equipment can be improved and the stability can be improved.
5. The transmission device is an important part to provide main movement for the machine. Through the motor and reducer on the rack to drive the ring gear on the cylinder, the rack is welded with professional high-quality channel steel which is not easy to deform, so as to make the transmission device of the machine safer and more stable.
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