Identify the equipment quality of rotary drum granulator production line


The rotary drum granulator has the advantages of advanced function, reasonable design, low energy consumption, high efficiency, convenient maintenance and operation, and has been officially determine. The fertilizer granulator machine price is cheap. However, in the current granulator market, the quality is mixed, and fake and shoddy products emerge in endlessly. How can we distinguish the true from the false of the rotary drum granulator? Please see the introduction below.
Identify the equipment quality of rotary drum granulator production line
1. There is no factory name, no factory address and no product certificate for the "three noes" products of the rotary drum organic fertilizer granulator. Because most sawdust granulator manufacturers are small individual enterprises, some of them even small workshops, such as husband and wife shop, mother and son shop and father and son shop. They are all produced irregularly according to the farming season, and they are not registered in the industrial and commercial department. As a result, they can't see any basic product information, such as trademark, factory name and factory address, on their sawdust choppers.

2. False propaganda, the production ability, matching ability, operation function, scope of application and service life and other indicators indicated in the manual of rotary drum organic fertilizer granulator machine are inconsistent with the actual situation.

3. The material of drum granulator does not meet the requirements. Use waste oil bucket and paint bucket instead of design material. In the shaping process, these wastes often lead to stress concentration, local cracking and internal damage.
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