Technology of new type combined organic fertilizer granulator


The new type of combined organic fertilizer granulator machine has the characteristics of simple organic fermentation fertilizer granulation with organic fertilizer texture, livestock manure, urine, composting fertilizer, green manure, sea fertilizer, cake fertilizer, peat, soil and miscellaneous fertilizer, three wastes, microorganism and so on. The particles are pellets.
Technology of new type combined organic fertilizer granulator
The process of the new combined organic fertilizer granulator: according to the needs, several fertilizer raw materials are selected for metering and mixing, and the binder is used as the cement to form granules in the granulator. The granulation of dry powder mixture needs heating, adding water or steam to increase the liquid phase, and then agglomerate into particles in the granulator under rolling condition.

The qualified granulation rate of the machine is more than 80-90%. It can be used in many kinds of formulas. The compressive strength of organic fertilizer is higher than that of disc and drum, and the large ball rate is lower than 15%. The particle size uniformity can be adjusted according to the user's requirements. The machine is more suitable for the direct granulation of organic fertilizer after fermentation, saving the drying process and greatly reducing the cost.
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