Organic fertilizer production equipment tells you what the benefits of plant ash are for crops


Organic fertilizer production equipment tells you what the benefits of plant ash are for crops
Many people only know that fertilization uses organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers. It may be strange to grass ash. It is also unknown that grass ash has a great effect on crops. Grass ash fertilizer is the ash of plants after burning, so it is included in all plants. Mineral elements, almost all of which are contained in grass ash. Grass ash is an farmyard inorganic fertilizer with a wide range of sources, low cost, complete nutrients and obvious fertilizer effects.
Next, the organic fertilizer production equipment manufacturer tells you what benefits the plant ash has on crops.
1. Spraying grass ash leaching solution of the foliage before and after flowering can promote the green leaves and bright flowers and leaves, enhance photosynthesis, reduce flower and fruit loss, and improve fruit quality.
2. After sowing the seed of the forest, cover the plant with 0.5-1 cm of the ash, which can increase the soil temperature, maintain the loose and ventilated state, promote the seed to germinate in advance, and grow the seedlings neatly and robustly, and the seedling rate is high.
3 Dryland fruit trees with poor irrigation conditions, continuous spraying 5%-6% of ash-ash leaching solution to improve drought resistance of fruit trees
4, can improve the vitality of the leaves, enhance photosynthesis, and promote the beautiful and beautiful flowers and fruit.
The above is the organic fertilizer production equipment manufacturers for some of the role of grass ash for everyone, of course, there are also places to pay attention to, the grass ash is alkaline, can not be mixed with acid fertilizers, pesticides, foliar spray grass ash leaching solution, after filtration and clarification, use In order to prevent pollution of leaves, flowers and fruits.
The plant ash can not be mixed with organic farmyard manure (human excrement, manure, compost, etc.) and ammonium nitrogen fertilizer to avoid loss of nitrogen volatilization; it can not be mixed with phosphate fertilizer to avoid phosphorus fixation and reduce the fertilizer efficiency of phosphate fertilizer.

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