Potassium Fertilizer Granulation Production Process


Potassium fertilizer is one of the common fertilizers on the market, and the market demand is large. Our company is a modern manufacturer of fertilizer equipment, specializing in the production of a complete set of fertilizer equipment, which can provide a series of services such as site design, installation and commissioning of equipment. Welcome new and old customers to consult online and work together for a better future!
 Compound Fertilizer Production Line
Potassium Fertilizer Granulation Production Process
Potassium fertilizer production process:
1. Material blending process: First of all, raw materials are strictly proportioned, including urea, nitric acid, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, etc. The original mixing ratio strictly ensures high fertilizer efficiency.
2. Material process: Material mixing together with mixer can evenly mix materials, improve fertilizer efficiency
3. Crusher process: crushing large raw materials into small pieces to meet the requirements of granulation, and then conveyor to the drum granulator for granulation
4. Granulation process: the drum granulator has a high granulation rate, it is one of the products with the best granulation rate in all granulator equipments. It can achieve automatic scar removal and desulfurization, and cancel the traditional scraper device. It is an indispensable machine in the compound fertilizer production line.
5. Dryer and cooler process: After granulation, the granules need to be dried, and the granules are conveyed to the drum dryer to remove moisture to increase the strength of the granules. Therefore, it is easy to store. After drying, the temperature of fertilizer grain is too high to condense. Therefore, we need to use rotary cooler to cool fertilizer. After cooling, fertilizer is easy to pack, preserve and transport.
6. Particle screening process: Qualified products will be fed into the coating machine by belt conveyor to prevent fertilizer from dampness, or the finished products will be combined or packaged directly, and unqualified products will be re-granulated.
7. Product Packaging Process: Packaging is the last process in the duplicate fertilizer production line. Fully automatic fertilizer packaging machine is highly automated and efficient. It can realize weighing. Customers can control feed speed and set speed parameters arbitrarily.

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