Practical features of the squeeze double roller granulator


At present, extrusion fertilizer granulator is the key equipment of compound fertilizer granulation. It adopts non drying room temperature process, advanced technology, reasonable design and compact layout. The double roller granulator is a granulation equipment developed by professional manufacturers. It has high production efficiency, stable operation and convenient maintenance. It improves the safety performance of extruded granules when moving, and freely controls the amount of material discharged from the coarse material box It is more practical and suitable for wider application and use.

The double roller granulator is produced by non drying and room temperature process. The equipment has the advantages of less investment, quick effect, good economic benefit, small volume, stable operation and convenient maintenance. The material can be widely used in pelletizing raw materials, such as compound fertilizer, pharmaceutical, chemical industry and feed. The assembly speed of the product is very high. It can produce all kinds of compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer Fertilizer, biological fertilizer, especially rare earth, potassium carbonate and ammonium carbonate series fertilizer granulation processing.
Practical features of the squeeze double roller granulator
The granulation process does not need to add any other items, it maintains the high quality of the original products. The granulated particles are packaged and sold in the screened products that meet the requirements of industrial standards. Otherwise, it will be returned to this place for re granulation.

The double shaft output is adopted for the double roller granulator, which can effectively improve the transportation speed, protect the bearing capacity of the main shaft, reduce damage and improve the transmission effect. The hydraulic cylinder can have stable pressure and make the floating roller heel run smoothly.
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