Process flow of new high yield organic fertilizer granulator production line


The production process of organic fertilizer equipment is mainly to ferment and decompose the material, and the moisture content is about 30% - 35% After crushing, stirring and a series of equipment, the organic waste is granulated, dried, cooled and then made into round granular organic fertilizer. Adding functional bacteria can produce bio organic fertilizer, adding nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (total nutrient content is less than 15%) can produce organic and inorganic fertilizer. The specific details can be customized according to your needs.

Organic raw materials --- fermentation --- material crushing --- material mixing --- new type organic fertilizer granulator machine --- polishing and shaping machine --- dryer --- screening machine --- cooling and coating machine --- finished product metering and packaging
Process flow of new high yield organic fertilizer granulator production line
After magnetic separation and screening, the fermented organic wastes are metered, proportioned and mixed with binders and other ingredients according to the proportioning requirements in the proportioning and mixing system. The fully mixed materials are evenly and continuously fed into the granulator by the belt conveyor, and then polished into spherical particles by the polishing and shaping machine, and dried by the dryer with low temperature and large air volume (≤ 65 ℃) )After cooling and screening, the finished product particles are transported to the finished product bin by belt, measured by computer quantitative packaging system, packaged and put into storage.

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