Unique advantages of organic fertilizer granulation production line


Organic fertilizer is mainly produced by plant and animal waste, which provides adequate nutrition for crops and plays a key role in improving soil structure. But compared with powdery organic fertilizer, what does granular organic fertilizer mean? Next, the organic fertilizer granulator machine Huaqiang heavy industry will answer for you. First of all, from the perspective of structure, powdery organic fertilizer is relatively light. When in use, it is easy to blow off the fertilizer in case of wind, causing unnecessary loss. Organic fertilizer particles have certain quality and are easier to apply fertilizer. In addition, the transportation of fertilizer is also an experiment of fertilizer. Powdery fertilizer is easy to caking in the process of transportation, which can not guarantee the quality of organic fertilizer. Because in the production of organic fertilizer must add some inorganic components, if it is powder fertilizer, it will further aggravate its moisture absorption and caking.
Unique advantages of organic fertilizer granulation production line
The fertilizer granulators produced by Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. include organic fertilizer granulator, disc granulator, drum granulator, npk fertilizer granulator, double roller granulator, two in one organic fertilizer granulator, drum granulator, flat die pelleting machine, and ring die pelleting machine.

In order to understand the fertilizer granulator machine price, we should first know what kind of fertilizer granules we want to produce, and then we should choose the appropriate fertilizer granulator according to our own production capacity.
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