Production and granulation of high-quality npk compound fertilizer drum granulator


The drum granulator is a method of mixing and granulating powdered basic fertilizers, and is widely used in the granulation of npk compound fertilizers. The principle of npk compound fertilizer drum granulator:

drum granulator
The material forms a rolling material bed by the friction generated by the rotation of the drum granulator. The squeezing force generated by rolling makes the material containing a certain liquid phase agglomerate into small particles. These small particles become the core and adhere to the surrounding powder. Form larger particles. Since the drum granulator is generally inclined 1°~2.5° to the discharge end, the pellets slowly roll toward the discharge port while rotating with the cylinder. Qualified pellets leave the drum granulator and then enter the dryer for drying, and then go through screening, cooling, coating, packaging and storage. After being crushed, the on-screen material and the under-screen material are sent to the hopper as the return material and the basic fertilizer is granulated at the same time.

The function of the rotary drum npk fertilizer granulator is to pre-granulate the powdery material in the cylinder to form tiny particles with a diameter of 1 to 2 mm. The granulation effect of the drum granulator will directly affect the ball formation rate and product quality.

The drum npk fertilizer granulator effectively prevents the problem of a large amount of powder from flowing out with the granular material, reduces the processing volume and return volume of the subsequent drying, cooling, and screening equipment, and reduces the power consumption of the subsequent equipment. It has a good economic benefit.
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