Working principle of agglomeration granulation of drum granulator


The granulation mode of drum granulator is a kind of agglomeration process with rolling growth, which provides many potential benefits for the processors of bulk solid materials. This paper summarizes the working principle of agglomeration granulation of drum granulator and the important factors that must be considered.
drum granulator
Granulation is a form of agglomeration (particle size increase) for the production of round particles, which is a valuable operation in the treatment of bulk solids. This technology provides many possible improvements in the treatment, appearance, application and performance of a variety of solid materials.

The granulation process of rotary drum granulator is a form of ball agglomeration, which can be highly customized, and can be used to produce spherical particles conforming to specific specifications.

The granulation process is usually carried out in a drum granulator, followed by a drying step and possibly other processing steps.

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