Reasons for the decrease of pelletizing efficiency of organic fertilizer disc granulator


The reasons for the decrease of pelletizing efficiency of organic fertilizer disc granulator are as follows

1. There are three common faults: 1) the surface wear of the disc and barrel increases the inner diameter of the barrel, resulting in the increase of the residual amount of granulation material and the weakening of granulation when the resistance of the head and splitter plate does not change, resulting in the decrease of granulation efficiency. Therefore, the disc and several barrels were repaired. ② The corrosion of the material to the disc and barrel will also accelerate the wear of the disc and barrel. Judge the material properties. ③ Metal materials mixed into the disc and destroyed the disc.
Reasons for the decrease of pelletizing efficiency of organic fertilizer disc granulator

2. The disc of organic fertilizer granulator machine is inclined excessively. Disc organic fertilizer granulator encountered more problems in the use of tilt control and adjustment, in fact, there is no specific parameter for your reference, but, to adapt to the formation of spherical particles as the basis. The adjustment measure is to adjust the bolt at the bottom of the disc to change the position and angle of the reducer to achieve the purpose of normal use.

3. The pelletizing rate of organic fertilizer disc granulator is low. In addition to the subjective factors of raw material composition, the fineness of raw materials, the water content of raw materials, the addition of auxiliary adhesive components, the angle of disc operation and the remonstrance degree of disc operation are also common problems. According to the causes of the above problems, and then make some improvements, we can achieve our expected value. 

4. The difference of particle size is big. This problem is a common problem in the single operation of disc organic fertilizer granulator. The treatment of this kind of problem is generally divided into improving the moisture content and controlling the size of molding particles. After drying, the selected particles were screened.

5. The disc granulator runs unevenly. This kind of failure of disc granulator is usually caused by bearing damage, weight loss of disc body and abnormal motor voltage. Timely maintenance can quickly eliminate the operation fault of the disc granulator. The technology of disc organic fertilizer pelletizer is simple, and don't panic when it breaks down. Generally, we operate and maintain according to regulations to reduce the occurrence of failures, the fertilizer granulator machine price concessions.
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