What are the technical points of high temperature composting?


High temperature composting is mainly composed of plant materials with high fiber content, which are aerated and supplied with oxygen with the help of organic fertilizer machine, so as to achieve composting fermentation and generate a lot of heat. The temperature in the compost is high (50-60 ℃), so it has fast maturity, fast composting and high nutrient content. In the process of high temperature fermentation, bacteria, eggs and weed seeds can be killed.
What are the technical points of high temperature composting
  • Key points of high temperature composting technology:
  1. ① moisture. Maintaining appropriate moisture content is the first condition to promote microbial activity and compost fermentation. Generally, 60% - 75% of the maximum water holding capacity of composting material is suitable.
  2. ② keep neutral or slightly alkaline environment. Lime or calcareous soil can be added in proper amount to neutralize and regulate acidity and promote microbial propagation and activity.
  3. ③Ventilation. Keep proper air in the pile, which is conducive to the propagation and activity of aerobic microorganisms, and promote the decomposition of organic matters. When composting at high temperature, more attention should be paid to the proper tightness of the pile, and the windrow turner can be used to ventilate.
  4. ④ carbon nitrogen ratio. The ratio of carbon to nitrogen for normal decomposition of organic matter was 25:1. The ratio of carbon to nitrogen of legume green manure was 15-25:1, weeds 25-45:1, and stems 60-100:1. Therefore, according to the types of composting materials, add some substances with high nitrogen content to reduce the carbon nitrogen ratio and promote microbial activities.
What are the technical points of high temperature composting
  • Precautions for high temperature composting:
  1. 1. Organic fertilizer should be fully decomposed.
Most of the organic fertilizers often contain germs, insect eggs and weed seeds. Therefore, Phoxim and other insecticides and fungicides are added to the compost fermented organic fertilizer before application.
However, if the manure which has not been decomposed is directly applied to the soil, the phenomenon of seed burning and seedling burning will occur. At the same time, the organic fertilizer contains a large number of eggs and pathogens, which will cause serious damage to the crops if not decomposed.
  1. 2. Stacking period
During spring, summer and autumn, the indoor temperature is kept above 20 ℃ for stacking.
  1. 3. Site selection
Open land with sunny, slightly high terrain, favorable drainage and convenient transportation shall be selected.
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