Roll skin related knowledge of the double roller extrusion granulator


The roller extrusion granulator is widely used in fertilizer production due to its significant advantage of extrusion molding process. Usually npk fertilizer extrusion process is more commonly used. Due to the physical characteristics of npk fertilizer itself, the specific gravity of the granular fertilizer produced , Roundness and strength have all got good standards. All this is attributed to the roll skin of the extrusion granulator, and this article will take you to understand the relevant knowledge of the roll skin.
Roll skin related knowledge of the double roller extrusion granulator
For the roller extrusion npk fertilizer granulator, it is the pair of roller skins that affects its granulation effect. Small round pits of the same depth are regularly distributed on the roller skin. When two round rollers rotate opposite to each other, the two half pits coincide with each other to form a hollow circular mold. In the production of fertilizer, the material is continuously pressed into these small round molds by the roller skin, thereby forming round particles. These particles are not only beautiful in appearance, but also strong, and will not be broken due to collision or pile pressure.

For granules, it is very important whether the small round pits on the surface of the roller skin of the npk fertilizer granulator are processed according to the standard. It not only affects the shaping of the fertilizer, but also affects whether the finished fertilizer is hulled. If the hulling is not smooth, the fertilizer will be It will stick to the small round pits and cannot be processed into finished round particles. Compared with the organic fertilizer extrusion granulator, the chemical fertilizer on the roll skin is not cleaned in time, and its corrosiveness will affect the roll skin.

Another thing about the roller skin is its material. The roller skin will be worn to a certain extent under the action of external force. Generally, good roll skins are made of high-grade materials and undergo a rigorous heat treatment process, which greatly improves the hardness of the roll skin of the extrusion granulator and prolongs its service life. 
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