Practical pelletizing method of organic fertilizer granulator machine


Organic fertilizer granulator machine is used to granulate various organic wastes (straw, livestock manure, cake fertilizer, peat, etc.) after fermentation, and process them into spherical, rod-shaped or other amorphous particles. Compared with traditional farmyard manure, pelletized organic manure not only promotes the reuse of organic waste materials, but also has the characteristics of high permeability and high fertilizer efficiency, so it is more and more widely used.
Practical pelletizing method of organic fertilizer granulator machine
The existing granulators of organic fertilizer not only need to adjust the formula of fertilizer, but also adjust the temperature and humidity, especially the temperature and humidity conditions are very critical to the formation of organic fertilizer. However, the existing organic fertilizer granulator machine generally ignore the influence of temperature and humidity on the formation of granulation, resulting in the phenomenon of organic fertilizer sticking, caking or moistening, mildew before leaving the factory, low product quality and high fertilizer efficiency It needs to be improved. 

The output power of the organic fertilizer granulator machine is transmitted by the reducer through the transmission shaft, which drives the equipment to rotate as a whole. The front section is the forced feeding system, the back section is the internal stirring teeth, and the cylinder wall is lined with stainless steel. After the material enters, the stirring teeth force the material to form a ball. The ball forming rate is 100%, and the material moisture requirement is 25% - 45% It is not suitable to add too much humic acid, because humic acid will produce high temperature due to kneading, so that the material moisture is not balanced, which is easy to cause problems such as material not forming, equipment blocking and so on.
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