The situation of the bio-organic fertilizer


Bio-organic fertilizer refers to a kind of fertilizer with both microbial fertilizer and organic fertilizer effect,which is mainly derived from animal and plant residues(such as livestock manure,straw for renting houses etc.)and is treated with harmless organic materials.Bio-organic fertilizer is of great significance to the realization of resource-saving and environment-friendly society and is the inevitable choice to realize the sustainable development of agriculture.With the development of bio-organic fertilizer and the widely use,the fertilizer machine series is more diversification,and our company have designed some new machine to improve the production.Besides we also supply the complete fertilizer production line.To produce more high quality organic fertilizer ,we need to use more high quality fertilizer machine to produce.The introduction of the machine will help you know how to make the more quality fertilizer products as follows:
Fertilizer granulator serises:
New type organic fertilizer granulator :The machine is a new patent  product which our company designed  with the agricultural machinery research institute.It is used for granulation of various organic matters after fermentation, breaking through the conventional granulation process of organic matters. Before granulation, the raw materials need not be dried and crushed, and the spherical particles can be processed by direct ingredients, which can save a lot of energy.
The feature of the machine:the granules producted are spherical.Organic content can be up to 100%,the realization of pure organic granulation.Organic particles can grow into each under certain force,and no binder is need for granulation.Solid franules can be screened after granulation to reduce drying energy consumption.After fertation,organic matterdoes not need to be dried,and the raw materials can contain water in 20--40.

Disc grenulator:Granulating disc adopts interal arc structure,granulating rate can reach above 93.The granulator is provided with three discharge ports,which is convenient for discontinuous production,greatly reduces labor intensity and improves labor efficiency.Reducer and motor adopt flexible belt drive,stable starting,sliow imppact force the severice life of the equipment.The bottom of the granulator plate is strengthened by multiple radiating steel plates,which is firm and durable and will never deform.Thicked,weighted and firm base design,no need of anchor bolts,smooth operation.

The feature of the disc granulator :
1,Disc granulator structure of new and reasonable,weight reduction,height reduction.The process layout is flexible and convenient,which is suitable for the transformation of old factories.
2,The dish inclination can be adjusted.Angle gasket is adopted for flexible and convenient adjustment.
3,Adopt the unique combination of non-power scraper integration to reduce the auxilary power consumption.
4,The large plate is composed of the body and segment.Reduce the power of the main motor.The disk segment can be adjusted up and down along the disk body.The end of the main segment is the side flange,and the material ball can be guaranteed not to be pulled or torn when it comes out of the plate.
5,New desilting design,the combination of non-power scraper edge and bottom cleaning.Angle cleaning scraper  cleaning Angle,with the unique processing technology of the disc body,desilting and balling effect is good,there will be no big mud group,the dianeter of the ball materials is 90% in 3-5mm.
The advantage of the disc granulator:
1,It is widely applicable,no drying process,room temperature granulation,a molding,less investment,quick effect.good economic benefits.
2,Small power,reliable operation,no waste dichrge,stable operation,convnient maintenance,reasonanle process layout,advanced technology,low production cost.
3,Wide adaptamility of raw materials can be used for compound fertilizer,medicine,chemical,feed,coal,metallurgy,a variety of types compound fertilizer
4,Especially rare earth,ammonium bicarbonate,ammonium sulfate compound fertilizer granulation is the national environmental protection applicable technology promotion project.
Fertilizer mixer serises:
Vertical mixer
The mixer is mainly used for raw material mixing.Lining with polypropylene plate or stainless steel plate in the mixing tank,which avoid material sticking and make the machine wear-resistant,corrosion resistant in use.
Besides,we also supply other high quality machines:such as the crusher serises have the chain crusher,cage crusher,half wet material crusher etc.The conveyor serises have belt conveyor,mobile belt conveyor, bucket elevator ,Large angle belt conveyor .What's more,other supporting facilities including the machine of dewatering machine,cyclone dust collector,melting pot,uniform feeder,steam boiler etc.
Recommend related fertilizer production line:Bio organic fertilizer disc granulation production line,Combination granulation production line.
We can supply the right machine for you according to your meets,If you are interested in our products,now contsct us and inquire us

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