How to treat pig manure to 100 pigs?


Here is the introduction of organic fertilizer production equipment, is aimed at pig manure organic fertilizer production line, please see the detailed introduction.
Now some small pig farms have raised dozens of pigs, but what about the pig manure? If you don't deal with it, the environmental protection department will not let it dry, but you have no extra energy to manage the other. How should this small pig farm handle pig manure? Don't worry, Tianci Heavy Industry teaches you how to deal with it. The operation is difficult, and the cost is still not high.
Because the traditional stacking time is long, the degree of maturity is uniform, the organic matter content is low, and there is an unpleasant smell floating when the pile is turned over. The reason is: the temperature of the traditional stacking fermentation is slow: the pile is small, the internal temperature of the pile is poor or it is difficult to heat up; the degree of maturity is uneven: due to the difficulty of warming, the farmers generally have a long time when stacking pig manure It will be turned over for a while, but at this time, the interior has been seriously deprived of oxygen, inhibiting internal fermentation, decomposing, and even producing odors due to anaerobic reactions; low levels of organic matter and nutrients: long-term rain, wind and day Sun exposure causes loss through surface runoff and transpiration.
In order to solve and avoid the adverse effects of these traditional stacking, Tianci Heavy Industry introduced the manure composting technology of small pig farms to the majority of farmers:
How to treat pig manure to 100 pigs
During the period of pig manure fermentation, the temperature is about 65-70 C, and the moisture content is 55%-60%. In order to ensure proper and rapid composting conditions, it is necessary to use the organic fertilizer turner to grind and mix the seed regularly. About 5% of fermenting agent. It can be carried out in a fermentation plant or under a greenhouse, and it can be turned over to supply oxygen through a trough turner. First, in combination with the use of the fermenting agent, the decomposition of easily decomposable substances such as sugar and protein is promoted, and CO 2 and H 20 are generated, and heat is generated at the same time to increase the fermentation temperature.
In the early stage of fermentation, the decomposition and fermentation of the substance is carried out by means of medium temperature bacteria (30-40 C is the most suitable growth temperature). As the fermentation temperature rises, the optimum temperature temperature of 45-65 °C replaces the medium temperature bacteria, in order to control the whole The temperature of the pig manure fermenting pile needs to be turned over once every 2 to 3 days in this high temperature stage (once or twice a day in summer, specifically based on local specific temperature conditions). At this time, various pathogens, eggs, and weed seeds are eliminated. The stage in which the temperature is generally raised to the beginning of the reduction is referred to as the main fermentation stage, which is 3 to 10 days.
The whole process of composing the whole manure of manure can only be completed in 15~27 days. During the period, pig manure fermentation equipment: Simple Compost Turning Machine and a bag of fermenting agent can be used. The cost of processing equipment can be raised to 30,000 yuan. The pig manure in the pig farm is disposed of in a harmless compost, and the treated pig manure fertilizer can be used for the surrounding farmers. If the quality of the pig manure organic fertilizer is good, it can be sold to the farmers. This is also an A good project for pig farms to earn extra income.

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