Types and performance characteristics of fertilizer granulation machine


Granulation equipment is a kind of molding machine which can make materials into specific shapes. Fertilizer production is generally divided into: wet organic fertilizer granulator machine, disc granulator, drum granulator, extrusion granulator.

Wet organic fertilizer granulator machine is widely used in organic fertilizer granulation. Due to its high granulation rate, stable operation, strong and durable equipment and long service life, it is selected as the ideal product by the majority of users. Working principle: using the high-speed rotating mechanical stirring force and the resulting aerodynamic force, the fine powder material can be continuously mixed, granulated, spheroidized and densified in the machine, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation. The particle shape is spherical, the sphericity is ≥ 0.7, the particle size is generally between 0.3-3 mm, and the granulation rate is ≥ 90%. The size of the particle diameter can be properly adjusted by the material mixing amount and the spindle speed. Generally, the lower the mixing amount, the higher the rotational speed, the smaller the particles, and vice versa.
Types and performance characteristics of fertilizer granulation machine
Working principle of extrusion granulator the material is extruded to the bottom by the grinding wheel, then cut off by the scraper, and then go into two-stage combined polishing and rolling to form balls at one time; the organic fertilizer extrusion granulator has the advantages of high pelletizing rate, no return material, high particle strength, round and uniform, low pellet moisture and low drying energy consumption.

The technologist of the drum granulator equipment adds the raw materials mixed evenly according to the formula into the rotary drum granulator quantitatively, and at the same time injects steam to complete the chemical reaction in the continuous rotation of the drum. It can also be applied to the compound fertilizer cold water granulation with supplementary water humidification. It is a relatively advanced compound fertilizer granulation equipment at present.

The disc organic fertilizer granulator machine is suitable for organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. The disc angle of the pelletizing plate adopts the overall circular arc structure, and the granulation rate can reach more than 93%. The pelletizing plate is equipped with three discharge ports, which is convenient for intermittent production, greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the labor efficiency. The reducer and motor are driven by flexible belt, which can start smoothly, slow down the impact force and improve the service life of the equipment.  
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