What is the a fertilizer granulator machine price?


For the manufacturers who want to invest in the production of granular organic fertilizer, the organic fertilizer granulator machine is the core of the whole fertilizer production technology.

The model of an organic fertilizer granulator machine can determine the shape of the fertilizer particles. For example, the particles produced by Tianci heavy industry disc granulator are spherical, those produced by wet stirring tooth granulation and new two in one machine are elliptical or nearly spherical particles, the particles produced by cylindrical extrusion granulator are cylindrical, and those produced by opposite roller extrusion granulator are oblate or irregular in shape.
What is the a fertilizer granulator machine price?
The model of a fertilizer processing equipment can directly affect the equipment configuration and production capacity of the whole production line. For example, the production capacity of ysl-80 and ysl-150 is 4 tons / hour and 10 tons / hour, and their corresponding annual capacity is 50000 tons and 100000 tons respectively. For small organic fertilizer production lines, drying and cooling can be omitted and natural air drying can be adopted. For organic fertilizer production lines with an annual output of more than 10000 tons, fertilizer processing plants can add drying and cooling, and then package and transport, so as to save the link of artificial air drying.

Therefore, if you want to know how much a fertilizer granulator machine price, you should first know what kind of fertilizer granules you want to produce, and then you should choose the appropriate fertilizer granulator according to your own production capacity. Therefore, the price of an organic fertilizer granulator machine is not fixed. If you want to know the specific equipment price, please contact us. 
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