What is the price of a fertilizer granulator machine?


For the manufacturers who want to invest in the production of granular organic fertilizer, the organic fertilizer granulation equipment is the core of the whole fertilizer production technology.

The model of an organic fertilizer granulator can determine the shape of the fertilizer particles. For example, the particles produced by the disc granulator are spherical, those produced by the drum granulator, the organic fertilizer granulator and the new two in one granulator are elliptical or nearly spherical, the particles produced by the columnar extrusion granulator are columnar, while those produced by the opposite roller granulator are spherical Flat particles are spherical.
What is the price of a fertilizer granulator machine?
In order to understand the an organic fertilizer granulator machine price, first of all, you should know what kind of fertilizer granules you want to produce. Secondly, you should choose a suitable fertilizer granulator according to your own production capacity.

Organic fertilizer production line is a complete set of equipment, according to the actual production needs, there are different configuration, different fertilizer production line configuration price is not the same. Organic fertilizer production line has three configurations: high, middle and low. Large fertilizer plants should adopt a complete set of production configuration. The appearance and nutrient content of finished products can meet the market requirements, which has a greater advantage in the promotion of finished organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer production line with medium and low configuration is suitable for small and medium-sized fertilizer plants. The sales scope of finished organic fertilizer is limited to nearby areas, and some processes in the production process of organic fertilizer need to be completed manually.
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