When will roll skin of roller extrusion NPK fertilizer granulator be replaced


Roller extrusion NPK fertilizer granulator is a kind of molding equipment which can make powder or small granular materials into specific shape. The NPK fertilizer granulator is mainly composed of movable roller device, fixed roller device, roller support bearing, adjusting device and driving device.

Roller extrusion granulator has the characteristics of stable operation, low noise, less dust, reliable performance and convenient maintenance.

It is inevitable to wear the roll skin of the double roller extruder. If we can repair it when the wear reaches a certain degree, can we avoid the need to replace the new roller surface at last?
When will roll skin of roller extrusion NPK fertilizer granulator be replaced
It is suggested that in the use of roller granulator, the roller surface needs to be maintained frequently. Sometimes there are grinding wheels on the frame of the roller granulator. When there are pits or grooves on the roller surface, the roller surface can be ground and repaired on the machine without removing the roller surface, or it can be repaired directly on the roller surface, which requires the installation of surfacing device on the granulator.

Some roller granulators are equipped with automatic axial reciprocating movement device of roller, which makes the roller surface wear evenly. The roll skin, die and accessories of our improved twin roll extrusion granulator are all made of 304 stainless steel. After high temperature quenching and annealing, the wear degree is increased several times than before. In addition, the wear of roller surface will increase the discharge port, so it is necessary to adjust the movable roller. When adjusting, it is necessary to keep the two rollers parallel to each other to prevent skew. When the movable roller is installed on the rocker arm or has a hydraulic compensation device, the axis of the two rollers will be parallel automatically when the moving roller moves. 
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