Measures to improve the performance of drum granulator


The output and quality of compound fertilizer are determined by the granulation performance of drum granulator. The following is about how to improve the performance of the drum granulator.

1. The higher the rolling frequency and time of raw materials in the granulator, the higher the molding rate, and the more round the shaped fertilizer particles. There are two kinds of problems in granulation. One is that the internal part of the granulator is too smooth, the friction between the material and the cylinder wall is too small, and the rolling of the material is not good, and the effect is very poor. The solution is to add a plate inside. On the other hand, if the viscosity is too high, the material will be thrown off, resulting in the particles not round and too many large particles. The solution is to improve the process and change the internal materials.
Measures to improve the performance of drum granulator
2. It is the key to control the amount of material and uniform liquid phase separation
The design of compound fertilizer production by drum npk fertilizer granulator is that steam pipe is buried in the material bed, and sprinkling water pipe is arranged on the top of the material bed. Under the condition of stable production and supply, saturated steam can provide heat and part of water to humidify the material. Through the use of steam, the temperature and viscosity of materials are improved, so that the moisture content of materials can be reduced in the balling process, thus reducing the drying load. Moreover, the liquid phase distribution of steam can be more uniform than that of adding water. Only when the liquid phase of the material is insufficient and the material is unstable, water can be added as a supplementary means. In the production process, we have encountered that due to the unreasonable installation of steam nozzle and uneven distribution of liquid phase of material, the place where there is more liquid phase of material adheres to a large ball, and where the liquid phase is insufficient, the material is difficult to form a ball, which affects the formation of particles. In view of this situation, we can increase the steam nozzle to increase the steam receiving area of the material.

In a word, the important principle of the drum granulator to produce compound fertilizer is to minimize the addition of water during granulation and solve the problem of stickiness of the granulator.
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