How to deal with the difficulty of granulating by disc granulator


Disc granulator as an old machine, fertilizer granulator machine price concessions, experienced the test of a variety of materials, but any equipment will have advantages and disadvantages. With the diversification of raw materials, organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers are constantly developing new granulation equipment. Organic fertilizer granulator machine manufacturers help you solve the problem that the material is difficult to form in disc granulation.

In addition to the subjective factors of raw material composition, the particle forming of disc granulator is also closely related to the fineness of raw material, water content, the addition of auxiliary adhesive and the angle of disc operation. These problems should be constantly tried, according to their own material situation to achieve their own ratio, do some improvement, can achieve our expected value.
How to deal with the difficulty of granulating by disc granulator
Characteristics of disc granulator in production line
1) The use of a unique combination of no power blade integration to reduce auxiliary power consumption.
2) The tilt angle of the large plate can be adjusted. The angle gasket is used for flexible and convenient adjustment.
3) The structure of disc granulator is novel and reasonable, and its weight and height are reduced.
4) The large plate is composed of plate body and plate section. Reduce the main motor power. The disc section can be adjusted up and down along the disc body.
5) When the feed ball is discharged, it can ensure that the feed ball will not be pulled or torn.
6) The whole organic fertilizer granulator machine is made up of non power combined blade for edge cleaning and bottom cleaning, angle cleaning blade for angle cleaning, combined with the unique treatment technology of plate body, with high pelletizing rate, no large mud mass, 90 degree ball diameter and 3-5mm particle size.
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