Types and price of organic fertilizer grnaulator machine


 Organic fertilizer granulator machine: disc granulator, new organic fertilizer granulator, drum granulator, roller extrusion granulator and so on, the most commonly used granulation equipment is the above. In the production of organic fertilizer, the selection of granulator is usually decided by many factors, such as raw materials, output and price.
Types and price of organic fertilizer grnaulator machine
The new organic fertilizer granulator is a granulating equipment specialized in the production of organic fertilizer. It is also called an internal stirring tooth granulator. It is suitable for granulating materials with relatively large fibers. The shape of the finished product is oblate and needs to be processed by a rounding machine. It can be processed into a circle.

Both the drum granulator and the disc granulator belong to the agglomeration method.Compared with the disc granulator, the drum granulator relies on the temperature of the high granulation to increase the amount of liquid in the basic material, and promote the material to be more Balls are formed under low water content, which has the advantages of easy drying, energy saving and consumption reduction. But when the process conditions are not well controlled, the return material is high.

The roller extrusion granulator is a room temperature granulation equipment, which does not produce a large amount of dust and smoke when working, and it is suitable for a wide range of materials.

Price of organic fertilizer granulator machine:
1. If you want to buy granulator, no matter what kind of granulator you buy, it should be integrated according to the actual conditions.
2. Parameters of organic fertilizer pelletizer most businesses provide you with various parameters to facilitate your purchase.
3. There are many kinds of price of organic fertilizer granulator, and the merchants have made it clear on the price. Even if you don't understand it, we can help you understand it clearly. A variety of fertilizer granulators produced by our company are available for you to choose.

In order to understand the fertilizer granulator machine price, we should first know what kind of fertilizer granules we want to produce, and then we should choose the appropriate fertilizer granulator according to our own production capacity.
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