What should be paid attention to when purchasing new organic fertilizer granulator machine


The new type of organic fertilizer granulator machine is mainly used for the granulation of all kinds of organic materials after fermentation. It breaks through the conventional granulation process. Before granulation, the materials do not need to be dried. After crushing, the spherical particles can be processed directly. It saves energy and has higher pelleting rate. The content of organic matter is more than 97, so the granulation of pure organic matter can be realized without adding binder. The granule is solid and beautiful. After granulation, it can be sieved and thrown round to reduce drying energy consumption. The moisture content of raw material can be between 20-50.
organic fertilizer granulator machine
During the inspection and purchase of organic fertilizer granulator machine, it is easy to be dazzled by some virtual websites, various advertisements and letters, or confused by the so-called low quotation, resulting in the purchase of inferior products, causing great losses. In order to ensure that you can purchase reliable products and rely on them for long-term use, the following suggestions are put forward for your reference:
1. Look at the production scale, product development technology, processing and manufacturing capacity of organic fertilizer granulator machine manufacturers.
2. It depends on whether the materials and parts are standard or not, on the processing and production technology, and on the product test results and measures.
3. How about after-sales service and technical ability.
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