Installation and commissioning of NPK fertilizer granulator with extrusion


The process principle of the extrusion NPK fertilizer granulator is to make the material into a special shape forming machine. The non drying and normal temperature process is used to produce one-step molding. The whole set of equipment layout is compact and scientific, fertilizer granulator machine price concessions, no waste discharge, stable operation and convenient maintenance. It is suitable for granulation of compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical industry, feed and other raw materials with high granulation rate. It can produce various concentrations and types of compound fertilizer (including organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, magnetized fertilizer, etc.). Especially the granulation of rare earth, potash fertilizer and ammonium bicarbonate series compound fertilizer.
Installation and commissioning of NPK fertilizer granulator with extrusion
Installation of extrusion NPK fertilizer granulator: after the granulator arrives at the plant, take the granulator as the main machine, depending on the number of units, and cooperate with the process flow diagram to find out the elevation and horizontal placement. The machine frame has corner holes, which can be installed on the concrete (the fixed vibration is small, and it does not need a very solid concrete foundation).

Debugging of extrusion NPK fertilizer granulator: the machine has been debugged before leaving the factory, but it still needs debugging after trial. The main steps are as follows: stop the machine, remove the upper frame of the two bearing blocks, adjust the adjusting plate between the two bearing blocks to the required thickness. The two rollers should not collide with each other, and the small size should be kept 3-1 mm.
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