3t/h Organic Fertilizer Disc Granulator Production Line


This is a customized organic fertilizer production line. The organic fertilizer disc granulation production line runs stably, energy saving and environmental protection. The organic fertilizer granulator of the organic fertilizer production line is a disc granulator, and the disc granulator is not only an organic fertilizer granulator but also a compound fertilizer granulator. This organic fertilizer disc granulation line equipment is a standard organic fertilizer production line configuration with low investment and fast return.
We are the manufacturer of organic fertilizer production equipment, our organic fertilizer granulator is the best, many fertilizer granulators have applied for patents, we are 20 years old factory, we are famous. Our most popular set of fertilizer equipment is: fertilizer granulating production lineorganic fertilizer production linenpk fertilizer production line. we can customize the solution according to your specific situation. Inquiry It Now!
3t/h Organic Fertilizer Disc Granulator Production Line
The Fertilizer Equipment of the 3t/h Organic Fertilizer Disc Granulator Production Line: Loader Feeding Hopper, Half-Wet Material Crusher, Drum Screener Machine, Horizontal Mixer, Screw Feeder, Disc Granulator, Drum Fertilizer Dryer, Drum Fertilizer Cooler, Drum Screener Machine, Chain Crusher, Packing Machine.
If you want to invest in organic fertilizer plants, we can help you customize your organic fertilizer production line. We also can arrange our engineer to go to the customer factory or workshop site for checking situation, and then, make the production layout designing drawing for customer.

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