Biological organic fertilizer application method


Bio-organic fertilizers choose different fertilization methods according to different crops. At present, general field crops are rarely used, such as wheat, corn, rice, etc., mainly because the cost of bio-organic fertilizer is relatively high, which is more suitable for economic crops and some income. Good crops. Some commonly used fertilization methods are:
 1. Seed application: When the machine is planted, the granular bio-organic fertilizer is mixed with a small amount of chemical fertilizer, and is applied to the soil with the planter.
 2. Spreading method: Combine deep tillage or planting bio-organic fertilizer evenly in the area where the roots are concentrated and in the soil layer that is always kept moist, so that the soil and fertilizer can be blended.
 3. Strip-shaped ditch application: planting fruit trees such as crops or grapes, fertilizing after ditching or ditching at a distance of 5 cm from the fruit trees.
 4. Ring ditch casting: apple, peach, pear and other juvenile fruit trees, 20-30cm from the trunk, open an annular groove around the trunk, and cover the soil after fertilization.
 5. Radial ditch application: adult fruit trees such as apples, peaches, pears, etc., 30 cm away from the trunk, 4-5 50 cm long trenches are opened around the roots of the fruit trees, and the soil is covered after fertilization.
 6. Point casting: On-demand or transplanting crops, such as corn, cotton, tomatoes, etc., apply the fertilizer to the seeding hole, and then sow or transplant.
 7. Root method: For transplanted crops, such as rice and tomatoes, add 5 parts of water to bio-organic fertilizer to form a fertilizer suspension, soak the roots of the seedlings, and then plant.
 8. Covering the fertilizer method: After the ditch is planted, the bio-organic fertilizer is evenly covered on the seed.
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