Why do you need to compost before using raw manure?


Composting must be done before the use of manure, and Fermentation Compost Turning Machines are required for large-scale composting, which is the first step in the organic fertilizer production.
I often walked in the countryside. I can see that many people directly use raw manure. Some people after the conversation did reflect some problems like burning seedlings and insects, but I don’t know why. Today, I mainly talk about the use of raw manure without this!
Excessive use of manure that has not been harmless will endanger the quality of crops, soil, surface water and groundwater. In some cases (usually fresh manure) there is a burning phenomenon; the use of a large amount of manure can also cause the accumulation of dissolved salts in the soil, which increases the soil salinity and affects plant growth. According to reports, in 1999, 31% of pastures in Africa caused salinization of soil due to livestock manure contamination, and soil fertility declined.
 Let's take a closer look at the 9 major hazards that may exist in the fertilization of raw manure!
1. Infectious pests and diseases
2. Applying secondary fermentation to the soil leads to burning
3, leading to the roots of fruit trees, black roots.
4, prone to toxic gas hazards
5, soil hypoxia
6, slow fertilizer efficiency
7, heavy metal exceeds the standard hazard
8, there are problems such as inconvenient use and low efficiency
9, sodium chloride (salt) exceeded the standard
In summary, we must pass the harmless fermentation treatment when applying farmyard manure!
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