The importance of scientific and rational use of organic fertilizer fermentation turners


The Fermentation Compost Turning Machine is an auxiliary tool used in the fermentation process, the commonly used organic fertilizer fermentation turner is Double Screws Compost Turning MachineSimple Compost Turning MachineHydraulic Compost Turning MachineWindrow Compost Turning Machine. It is very important to use the organic fertilizer fermentative turnover machine scientifically and rationally.
Scientific and rational fermentation can promote the growth of disease-resistant organic matter in the fermentation process accompanied by a large number of microbial growth and a series of complex biochemical reactions. Microorganisms produce a large number of metabolic substances such as hormones, antibiotics and autoimmune substances in the breeding process. The crop grows rapidly, inhibits the spread of soil diseases, and improves the ability of crops to resist disease and stress. Organic fertilizers that are not fermented are not only not as described above, because the virus bacteria carried by themselves also become the main origin of crop diseases.
Today, Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. introduces the precautions for the use of organic fertilizer fermentation turnover machine, and hopes to help everyone.
1. Ensure that the bottom of the fermentation table is ventilated for oxygen supply;
2. The pile height of the farmyard manure is 0.8-1.5 meters, and the pile width is 1.5-2.0 meters. The length can be determined according to the amount of farmyard manure. The volume of the compost is too small to heat up the fermentation and completely decompose.
3. If the farmer's fertilizer takes too long or too much straw, it is necessary to add fresh manure for fermentation;
4, the pile of manure pile covered with cover, so as not to dry the surface of the farmyard fertilizer can not be completely fermented;
5. The naturally fermented farmyard manure needs to be adjusted accordingly to carry out secondary fermentation;
Organic Fertilizer Raw Material Processing Fermentation Tips:
(1) Fermentation with weeds and crop straws (can be decomposed in about 25 days): using crushed or chopped weeds, crop straws (usually 3 to 5 cm in length), 40% of manure or biogas slurry can be used Adjustment; can also be adjusted with 2% urea (46% nitrogen content) or equivalent fertilizer with nitrogen fertilizer; can also be adjusted by adding 3:1-4:1 by weight of fresh livestock and poultry.
(2) Fermentation with pure manure (can be decomposed in about 20 days): It can be added to crushed (mashed) weeds, crop straw fermentation, and adjusted composting water content is about 60%, and the commonly added weight ratio is 3:14. : 1 to adjust the fermentation.
(3) Fermentation with manure (15 days or so can be decomposed): After expanding the volume of the strain directly, evenly remove one layer in the housing, stir it, and directly stack it on the fermentation platform. Repeat the operation. If the water is too large, it can be adjusted by adding appropriate amount of dry auxiliary materials in the housing.

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